If you’re a newly wedded bride looking for sexy honeymoon lingerie, a special type of intimate apparel that reveals a little more than you might choose to, is chemise. Babydolls are usually fitted at your bust and flow down to just below the waist. Chemises tend to fall in the same category – loose fitting, comfortable and sexy. They are sometimes referred to as camisoles (but really, they are not related) and come in many different styles. chemise, baby doll and chemise are all referring to the same intimate apparel.

Many women choose to wear sexy honeymoon lingerie during their honeymoon as well as on their wedding day. It gives them an added lift of self confidence and feeling sexy while still protecting them from the elements on their special day. When you choose to wear bridal lingerie or bridal nightgowns on your wedding night, it can be even more special as you know you will be wearing a sexy piece of bridal lingerie under your dress. Many modern chemise designs come with a zipper or snap under the bust to help keep it in place and hidden for your special occasion. Plus, there’s the added bonus of looking very sexy and attractive while still protecting yourself from the elements on your special night!

chemises vary widely in terms of design, colors, materials, etc. but common trends include colors like black, gray, red, cream, white and nude. It’s not uncommon for a chemise to have a pretty satin finish or a lace cover. Generally, chemises and babydolls are made from sheer fabrics which provide extra comfort as they keep in the body’s heat, but also provide visual appeal as well as showing off your best features to your significant other when you’re wearing sexy honeymoon lingerie or nightgowns.

A bridal lingerie set is usually composed of bikinis, bridal bras, and matching camisoles. Typically, your lingerie set will include a thong, g-string, boy cut short shorts, bikini top, and matching camisole. A sexy honeymoon lingerie set has the same type of design elements, just more enhanced in a sexy way so that it makes you look and feel special on your special night. Plus, because most chemises and babydolls are made from sheer fabrics, they make you feel even more comfortable as you slip them over your body.

One of the reasons many couples choose to wear sexy honeymoon lingerie or bridal undergarments instead of traditional sleepwear is because they fit perfectly and look great under clothing, particularly during those special nights spent watching movie after movie together. There’s nothing more romantic than spending a quiet night in front of the t.v. when you can’t have anything to do with each other.

If you’re still deciding if you want a sexy bridal lingerie or honeymoon lingerie set, you might want to consider a plus size bridal lingerie set. Plus size bridal underwear and bodysuits often come in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and materials. You can find plus size sets in satin, silk, cotton, polyester, nylon, and lace. Plus size bras that come in a variety of cup types (seamless, bra, padded, etc) are available in black, brown, and natural colors. The ideal sexy honeymoon lingerie and bridal undergarment set would combine the best features of the two – comfort and style.

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