Lingerie is a broad category of mainly women’s undergarments comprising full-body bras, camisoles, nightwear, thongs and babydoll lingerie. The general usage of this term is intended to suggest that the articles are sexy, stylish or both. Lingerie collections for lingerie can be classified into many categories catering to the varying needs of the customer. The lingerie market is huge in the UK with an estimated annual turnover of more than one billion pounds. With increasing competition in the lingerie industry, many brands have gone out of their way to create their own unique styles offering customers something special.

Lingerie and Fashion

There has been a surge in recent years in the number of fashion designers who have brought chic, sexy and innovative designs to the lingerie marketplace. Sexy lingerie comprises all types of intimate apparel designed for optimum sensual appeal, whether it is a corset for everyday wear or a babydoll lingerie set for a night on the town. Lingerie and fashion have gone together for decades, with lingerie often forming an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. Even the strict definition of lingerie is up for sale as ‘the dress of the future’, with lingerie designer Tania Piccinini stressing the importance of ‘flats’ in her latest creations.

Lingerie and fashion go hand in hand because lingerie is designed to enhance and increase comfort levels during daily life, while helping to provide a sleek silhouette when participating in sport or exercise. As the modern lingerie industry has developed technologically, there is an increasing variety available that caters for the ever-growing variety of individual tastes, from everyday babydolls and camisoles through to specially designed bra sets and lingerie. This diversity has meant that the industry has also diversified into specialist areas, such as sleepwear, intimate apparel and even fetish designs.

Lingerie can be divided into several different categories. Girdles and corsets, which are often worn as everyday underwear, fall into the traditional categories of lingerie, whilst corsets are now more commonly known as bustiers or cami sets. Panties and chemises are also categorized as lingerie depending on their shape and design. Satin is an example of a type of fabric that has not been used to fashion lingerie, but it has grown in popularity in recent years due to its ability to slim the abdomen and legs without causing an excessive amount of weight gain.

In addition to the traditional lingerie styles, the lingerie industry has recognised the need for greater choice when it comes to plus size lingerie. As the majority of plus size women are not happy with their body shape or size, there are now a number of ranges of lingerie designed specifically to cater to the needs of larger cup sizes. Lingerie for larger cup sizes is generally more flexible and offers more variety than its smaller counterparts. Some of the most popular lingerie ranges now feature both standard and plus size bras, camisoles and intimate garments such as nightwear. This has helped to lift the ‘size zero’ label, making the plus size lingerie industry much more open and accessible than it was in the past.

Lingerie can be sexy, elegant and alluring – but it’s never dull. From eveningwear to everyday underwear, lingerie has always been an eye-catcher and it is evident in the ranges available today. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of nightwear to complement your special occasion, why not opt for a sexy corset from one of our renowned online stockists? For an exciting and alluring gift, consider a black floral lace thong from Debenhams, which will make any special night extra special.

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