In the 90’s plus size women’s lingerie was a funny thing. The funny part was, it wasn’t all that easy looking for sexy intimate apparel for curvy women, or pulling off tight pants while your hips were over fifty. Plus size lingerie in those days used to be just as uncomfortable as undergarments made for curvy women. It used to be like wearing a baggy sweater that cut off circulation to your breasts. And to top it off, these plus size lingerie was usually covered in the same fabrics that were making it sweat and just downright nasty looking.


Times have changed though and there is now a wide variety of plus size lingerie that is comfortable, attractive and just plain sexy. There are now women’s plus size lingerie in all kinds of colors, fabrics and styles, which means women can feel sexy and feminine without feeling like they’re wearing an ugly outfit. Gone are the days of ugly lingerie, now you can feel beautiful and feminine wearing lingerie that will enhance you both physically and emotionally. Plus size lingerie has come a long way and the best part is it’s no longer scary and embarrassing to buy plus size intimate apparel.

If you’re curvy and looking for some hot lingerie to spice up your love life then there are some fabulous selections out there for you. Plus sized lingerie can be found in all different kinds of styles from bras to panties to bustiers, and everything in between including some really hot lingerie for women that’s designed for men. For example, if you’ve got a great body but don’t want any pesky men staring at your boobs than you could find some savage x feet intimate apparel that will let him know that you want him inside. If you’re looking for plus size lingerie that will give you a little privacy while you’re watching TV then there are sexy bras and panties that you can wear under your clothes to keep your little secret private. Whatever type of plus size lingerie you’re looking for, you can find it in the Savage XFenty selection.

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