Silk lingerie has some of the best qualities of a delicate garment, yet can also feel quite stunning and sexy on the skin. Silk lingerie, unlike other types of lingerie, tends not to wrinkle or stretch, meaning that it retains its shape and structure quite well over time. Silk is also one of the most comfortable fabrics available, meaning that any woman can enjoy lingerie – from small baby doll lingerie to full figure lingerie – in any size imaginable without feeling uncomfortable.

silk lingerie

Although many silk lingerie garment care instructions suggest that you hand wash only in cold water, you can also generally wash silk lingerie in your own machine using a gentle detergent, as long as you follow the correct care instructions. However, there are usually some marks or stains, particularly around the edges, that you’ll want to avoid washing with your washing machine. The easiest way to ensure that your silk lingerie garment remains clean and stain free is to hand wash in cold water and then hang out to dry in the dryer – again, be sure to read the fabric care instructions that you have for your particular piece. However, if there are any major stains or marks, you should definitely hand wash, as over washing can cause even more damage.

It’s very important to remember that silk lingerie, when first put together, will tend to wrinkle quite a bit. You should take these wrinkles into consideration when choosing your silk lingerie garments and not attempt to wrinkle them more than necessary. The final result will be a garment that not only feels amazing on the skin, but which will look stunning as well! To ensure that your silk lingerie garment remains the most beautiful and feminine, you must ensure that you wash it carefully, using the right fabric care products.

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