Baby doll lingerie is a term sometimes used to describe intimate apparel – specifically panties – for a woman’s body only; not her breasts or other genitalia. Usually a baby doll is a loose sleeveless, low-cut nightgown or negligee, designed primarily as nightwear for girls. It may sometimes have formed cup-shaped breasts with an attached skirt, sometimes reaching the thighs, sometimes just below the belly button. The term “baby doll” was probably first used in the United States during and after World War II in reference to a type of nightwear resembling baby dolls worn by wives of servicemen.

baby doll lingerie

Baby doll lingerie, despite its American origin, has a variety of styles, colors and materials. In its early years, baby doll lingerie was typically white to make it easier to identify the garments by color but this concept has changed over time. Nowadays baby doll lingerie can be made from a wide variety of fabrics, including lace, silk, cotton, mesh, satin, fur and even leather. Some baby doll lingerie styles also use transparent plastic as an accent, to further help the lingerie blend into the background. These types of designs are often favored for baby doll lingerie, because they are less obvious to potential sexual stimuli.

Baby doll lingerie comes in many different shapes, such as a tube-shaped silhouette that fits over the entire body, a baby doll torso and a baby doll top. Each design varies slightly, from the cut of the fabric, to the cut of the straps and finally, to the overall look and feel of the garment. Many baby doll lingerie fashions use various colors and patterns to add an attractive touch to any bedroom. Some designers go so far as to make sure that baby doll lingerie is available in all the standard colors and sizes that are found in modern adult clothing. This helps to ensure that baby doll lingerie will always be a practical and comfortable addition to the wardrobe.

There are a number of different styles that baby doll lingerie uses for everyday wear. Baby doll teddies are often designed with a short strap that ends in a simple V-neck. Other times the strap is left short to reveal a nice bust line or a bit longer to give a more comfortable fit. Other designers take a more provocative approach to the design of baby doll lingerie, sometimes using laces or straps that are reminiscent of baby dresses. These designer pieces can be paired with fishnet or other sexy fabrics to create a stunning look that any woman would be proud to wear under her clothing.

For the more daring woman, baby doll lingerie may be worn as a standalone piece of erotic lingerie. This is particularly popular with women, who are still quite young (like baby dolls that are 5 months or younger). These collections are often designed with baby doll skin, and lace is used to create a lovely, almost featherweight feel. This makes them comfortable and allows women to move freely while still feeling sexy and playful.

Baby doll lingerie is not only a great selection for wearing underneath regular clothing, it also offers some fantastic selections for those who would like to try some new intimate apparel. Even if you haven’t considered using baby doll lingerie before, it’s certainly worth giving it a try. Not only will you feel more comfortable in a piece of sexy doll lingerie, but the look will turn heads and you could find yourself getting quite a lot of attention! It’s a sure way to set yourself apart from the other women of your friends circle!

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